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Promoter is

Forever customers Repeat Customers and Referring Customers

Forever Customer                         Repeat Customer                      Referring Customer

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Identify Advocates Upfront

Promoto’s Predictive Analytics identifies the most likely & influential brand advocates upfront.

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Create Brand Advocates

Create and activate hundreds of brand advocates to spread the buzz that people will trust. 

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Personalize Engagements

Empower every customer with their own personalized Customer Engagement Portal.

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Enjoy Stream of Referrals

Start a continuous stream of referral leads & improved Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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Advocate Marketing mind set

Promoters are ‘created’

Customers go through a journey from being a stranger to becoming a customer. Promoters have a similar journey from being a customer to converting into a devout promoter.

Rename ‘Closed Won’ to ‘Relationship Started’

Its ironic that we stop once we win a customer, lock the opportunity as “Closed Won” and move on. At Promoto, we believe that this is the point where both sides have just committed to starting a new relationship. This is the moment a “Promoter Journey” has started.

Never ‘Un-build’ relationships

Its common to have multiple managers and representatives to be in touch with a prospect pre-sales. But once the customer is acquired, the ball is dropped in most cases. We built Promoto, so that you never ‘un-build’ relationships.

Motivation goes beyond gifts

Its high time we understood what really motivates B2B leaders. Applying consumer space discounts & gifts doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Personal branding, influence and networking are some of the most effective yet under-utilized rewards.

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60% of Purchase Decisions are made even before speaking to a supplier

*Corporate Executive Board study

What does it take to create a Promoter?

Is it high Net Promoter Score? Or something more…

Take the big leap from [Promoters are found] to [Promoters are created]

How do I find potential brand advocates?

Take the guess work out of identifying brand advocates with Predictive Analytics

Not all customers are same. Some are quiet, some are vocal.

Some like your brand, while some fall in love with your brand.

Identify potential brand advocates upfront

Thousands of customers. Where do you start? Our Predictive model finds the most-likely and influential advocates upfront. These candidates have both a high probability of becoming your Promoter and a big network with great reach.

Rank customers using Predictive Analytics

Promoto automatically ranks customers based on the Predictive Model Scoring. This allows you to hand pick and engage with the top 50, 100, 500.. or your favorite number.

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Promoter Score

We analyse piles of data to answer a simple question – Who is showing signs of falling in love with you? Promoter score represents how likely is a s/he likely to become your promoter.

Influencer Score

We evaluate how effective they will be as Promoters. Will s/he have a real positive impact on your business? Influencer Score represents ‘circle of influence’ of identified promoters.

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