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Account Marketing

Winning an account is not the same as winning the account fully.
Why stop after winning the account fully, lets win the account ‘forever’.

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    Present day Scenario

    Managed to get a foot inside the door? Displaced competition, got customers thinking differently?

    Congratulations! Your customers have finally.. begun to realize the value delivered by your brand. And you are thinking how do you take them from one department to company-wide adoption. That’s the right way, but the challenge is how?
    Considering to deploy a dedicated account manager, relationship manager or maybe even a support team? What exactly are they going to do? How do you make sure that relationships with your current customer contacts are not limited to just transactions?

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    Isn’t that how accounts are managed?

    Sure, but not anymore. Build relationships don’t stop at fulfilling transactions.

    You have a great team and you’re all set to deliver a great experience to your newly-acquired account. Chances are sales reps move on to next immediate opportunity as soon as an account is on board. Account managers are firefighting with ongoing issues on too many accounts. Especially, after the product is delivered or the project is over. Teams tend to unfortunately ‘un-build’ relationships with an account painstakingly won not so long ago.

    You are likely not the only one who moves on in search of new customers after investing a crazy amount of time, money and effort in acquiring each customer, maybe simply out of habit. See the a problem with that?

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    Umm, yeah, that’s a refreshing perspective!

    Whatever be the reason, it requires no complex maths to calculate what can we achieve by simply investing and strengthening relationships we already enjoy.

    Coupled with the fact that customers have experienced your offering firsthand. Hence they are your best chance to get a recommendation for you. And guess what, while your reps see the customer only so often, customers are lunching and dining with your future prospects all the time.

    Building lasting and meaningful relationships are the foundation stones for any Account Marketing Strategy. Promoto helps you to never drop the ball on relationships. Account growth will follow relationship growth. Win the mind share, account share will happen.

    Promoto encourages you to segments customer and even do targeted account marketing for them. Going beyond the contract boundaries of service delivery. Understanding where your relationships stand with every customer for every account.

How do I do this?

Create Account champions and drive Growth

Do targeted activities for handpicked accounts and grow your mindshare with them. Take relationships to the next level and make them feel it too.
Using Promoto, champions share and extend the invites to new teams. Reward them for spreading the word. Use gamification to encourage them to invite friends. There is no better way to grow your business.

Drive Collective Decision-Making

With Promoto you take all contacts through a common yet a unique ‘promoter journey’. This drives ‘consistent’ and positive feedback about your brand. This is taking account-based word-of-mouth to its highest possible levels. Actionable consistent recommendations from reliable sources like customers who have already worked with you, leads to a much shorter and robust sales cycle.

Account Nurturing: Land and Expand

Never leave an account alone. Promoter journey brings in processes, practices and disciplines of account nurturing. Track how your actions and engagement growth leads to more prospects and consecutively the Account Level NPS keeps going up. This would lead to more internal referrals and predictably reliable growth. With Predictive Analysis and account-level contact scores, you can track your influence within the account.

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