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Advocacy Portal

Treat customers like royalty with Personal Advocacy Portal.

Advocacy Portal keeps everything organized for your advocates, from messages to activities, from invitations to share requests and everything in-between.


Advocacy Portal


Keep the momentum going. Reward motivates customers to participate.

By completing Activates customer earn score, which can be exchanged for Rewards in a one click.


Get from right within the Advocacy Portal

Every extra click required for that referral keeps you away from adding another customer. So we have built in social connects and referral share within the Advocacy Portal.


Leaderboard creates excitement for young Promoters to jump in and recognizes the participation.


Brand the Advocacy portal with your Brand’s logo, messaging and background.

 Custom Login Page

Customizable welcome page, with logo, background image and message.


Connect with user community (coming soon)

 Advocacy Portal Invites

Invite selected customers to the Advocacy Portal.

  • Don't have a code? Use Code "TRIAL".