Customer Engagement Campaigns |


Building blocks that let you create activities that you want.

Collect feedback, run surveys, send invites, form communities, setup meetings, share, request advocacy actions, capture referrals, share information, onboard, deliver training….Don’t stop, possibilities are endless.

Find all things custom-designed to maximize delivered value for each of your customers.


Engagement Scoring

Score every engagement.

Don’t just hope, track & measure every CTA, every activity, every action.

Engagement score of each promoter is the number equivalent of your relationship value with them.


Create custom forms with custom fields to collect any data.

Case study, reviews, profile updates, feedback, survey, invitation responses and more.

Call to Actions

Create custom scored and trackable Call-to-Action (CTA).

CTAs can point to internal pages, forms or to external URLs.


Personalize messages and triggers by using all the imported data points, such as data from CRM.

Landing Pages

Create custom & branded Landing pages, add forms, CTAs.

Custom Form Fields

Don’t be limited by pre defined fields. Create custom field in forms as needed.

  Customer Segmentation

Use filters to segment customers and drive targeted and relevant engagement activities to advocates.

 NPS Survey

Run a complete NPS survey

  Event Invites

Send invites for online or offline events.

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