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Brand Advocacy

a”Awareness is fine, but brand advocacy
will take your business to the next level.”

Joe Tripodi, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Subway

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    Present day Scenario

    Chances are that you already have brand evangelists, fans who are as passionate about your brand, product or service just as you are. If you take a closer look, you will be surprised to find out some customers who absolutely love what your brand does for them. Given a chance, they would go on and on talking about it to anyone who cares to listen. They would love to see more and more people using your brand. They would make a secret cult about it if they could.

    And what do you do about it? We help you create an army of such fans.

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    But I already have fans. Why bother?

    You invite them for every conference or launch. They’re your go to people for feedback or testing. The same set of registered “fans”.

    • Aren’t you confusing between customers and fans?
    • Aren’t you turning off the people who once vouched for you?
    • If you have thousands of fans then why only a handful of brand advocates?
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    Way Forward

    Promoto’s approach to brand advocacy marketing starts with looking at the big picture for your brand. We start putting the larger vision in the form of a ‘Promoter Journey’.

    Just like customers have a journey from strangers to becoming your customer, brand promoters have a special journey from being a customer to converting into your promoter.

    Spoiler Alert:
    We have no short cuts, and we promise none.
    Customers want and deserve real love from the brands. We believe that all good things take time, love and nurturing. Promoto is here to help you with that.

How do I do this?

Crafting a Promoter Journey

Understanding and carefully mapping a ‘Promoter Journey’ is the first step towards developing promoters. Promoto helps you build a meaningful path for your customers as they embark upon a beautiful relationship with your brand.

Creating value

An ideal ‘Promoter Journey’ would be about creating value for everyone at every step. Value leads to trust and forms the solid base for deeper and lasting relationships.

Track & Optimize Engagement

With the ‘Promoter Journey’ defined, Promoto enables you to setup engaging activities, track participation, monitor feedback and improvise as customers navigate various stages on the path of becoming a brand promoter.

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