Customer & Advocate Marketing

Customer & Advocate Marketing


Advocates, a.k.a. Brand advocates are truly the most passionate people who are both privately and publicly recommend the brand, its product and/or service. Read More

Advocacy Initiative

Advocacy initiatives are special initiatives take up by usually marketing (but could be customer success support department) to drive case studies, reviews, case studies, social buzz and engagement, referrals and other advocacy activities. Read More

Advocacy Program

Advocacy Programs are projects that are designed to motivate customers and other potential influencer, such as employees, partners and industry thought-leaders to participate in advocacy initiatives. Read More

Advocacy Marketing

Is converting your customers to advocates to drive ‘acts of brand advocacy’ by the customers themselves. Read More

Advocacy Marketing Manager

Advocacy marketing manager is the marketer who is responsible for running the advocacy marketing program for the brand or a particular product or service. Read More

Advocacy Marketing Strategy

Advocacy Marketing could be the most effective when its itself looked as strategic initiative vs a tactical one. Although many advocacy initiatives start informally. Read More

Advocacy Marketing Software

Advocate marketing software are special software build to support an advocacy marketing program. Read More

Advocate Marketing

Is the act of engaging with customers to convert them to the most passionate brand evangelists to drive brand advocacy. Read More

Advocate Marketing Software

What are the key features of an Advocate marketing platform? Read More

Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing or ABM is a marketing strategy which is used to market to a particular account or a set of highly filtered accounts. Read More

Best Customer

While this sounds like a vague term but if we think more about it, we’ll learn that the best customers are the ones who love and care for you. Read More

Case Studies

Case studies are the stories shared by customers as to how a particular brand made them successful. Such stories are very powerful in influencing the social world. Read More

Customer Advocacy

What customers go from being only users of their products or services, to evangelizing about the brand, product or service. Read More

Customer Advocacy Manager

Best run customer advocacy programs have managers dedicated to success, planning and implementation of customer advocacy programs. Read More

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is sum total of all the touchpoints a customer has with your brand/service. Read More

Customer Engagement

We live in a world where a million gadgets, tasks and items constantly compete for our attention. Keeping the customer relationships alive and active is becoming an ever challenging task. Read More

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is all about getting formal and informal feedback around the product/service. Read More

Customer Journey

Customer Journey is a golden path that customers go through while interacting with your brand. Read More

Customer Marketing

Even the most happy customers require that nudge for your brand to be top of mind. Customer marketing is marketing to existing customers, to constantly reminder of the value delivered. Read More

Customer Marketing Manager

Customer Marketing managers manages the post sales marketing. He is responsible for marketing to existing customers. Read More

Customer Motivation

Customer Motivation is all about delighting the customers, so that they are excited to talk to you. Read More

Customer Onboarding

With the business model shift from ownership to subscription, the power lies with customers as they have multiple choices to invest. A robust and powerful tool isn’t sufficient to deliver value or build loyalty, the product/service needs to be backed by stellar customer experience. . Read More

Customer Recognition

We talk a lot about customer experience, customer success but what does it take to convert a satisfied customer to loyal fan? How to drive the customer to go extra mile and talk about you rather than just talking to you. Read More

Customer Success Stories

Customer Success stories are the stories that explain how product/service can solve the business challenges for customers and make them successful. Read More

Net Promoter Score

NPS or Net Promoter Score is a metric to calculate Customer Loyalty. It was originally introduced by Field Richardson of Bain and Company in 2003 in his book titled The Ultimate Question. Read More

NPS Formula

How likely are you to recommend [Product/ Brand/ Service] to your friends or colleagues on a scale of 0 to 10. Read More

Word of Mouth Marketing

As the name implies, word of mouth marketing is when your customers, employees, partners or industry thought leaders share information about your brand, product or company by talking or through any other medium. Read More

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