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Engaged Customers

Is your brand getting lost in the cacophony of communication that your customers endure from so many companies? Periodic newsletters, Facebook likes, Retweets, Linkedin followers do not count as engagement anymore.

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    Present day Scenario

    1M Facebook followers, thousands of Linkedin followers. Now, what’s next? Is this one of the lingering questions that you have?

    Your team posts relentlessly to engage with your followers. Notleaving any stones unturned, even shoot emails to everyone. Frankly, we love the intention. But there is an underlying assumption i.e. every customer is considered at the same stage of their relationship with your brand. More bluntly, it’s a cookie cutter approach.

    Your communication fails to differentiate between someone who signed up yesterday and someone who has been a customer for five years. Same communication to those who follow you and retweet your tweets and to those who talk negatively about your brand. You see… why your open rates are low and why are some of them even mark it spam.

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    But it works for everyone, doesn’t it?….

    BIG NO. No brownie point to understand that you need to be relevant to be able to engage with your customers. With the personalization you can improve relevance of your communication. Responses and engagement would follow the suit. Every customer expects to be treated exclusively. Every engagement needs to be value adding. A newsletter simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

    You need to give your message that special personal touch.

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    Damn, how would I make my message stand out?

    Promoto enables relevant and contextual engagements. It builds engagements from the knowledge of where the customer stands in his or her journey. Data points from other sources allow engagement to be at even more personalized levels. We would go to the extent of saying that we understand your customers better.

    Engaging customers within the context of your relationship leads to a powerful customer experience.

How Promoto helps?

Activity Campaigns

Design your own activities. We have covered all possible types of activities campaigns. It could be anything from either sharing information or gathering some, running standard surveys such as NPS or C-Sat to custom Surveys. You could send invitations to select people to join communities or attend a specific online or offline event. You could also have giveaway campaigns or have if-this-then-that rewards.

All available from within Promoto and in a trackable and measurable form.

Contextual Interactions

Engage with a customer in relevant ways. Building or finding context is the core of effective communication. Promoto retains customer context in a unique way based on their stage in the ‘Promoter Journey’. Using combinations of journey stage, persona, and many more data points you can create value adding activities for a given set of customers. The set could be as precise and small as you would aim for.

All this for offering a very deep level of contextual engagements.


Promoto brings in gamification around participation for customers, to make it even more interesting and rewarding. The inbuilt reward system of both virtual engagement points and real world rewards encourages a high level of participation. After all, who doesn’t want to win.

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