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The more individuals are becoming independent and opinionated, the more they tend to get influenced by thought leaders. Thought Leaders are emerging like a force to reckon with. Your prospects follow these new age thought leaders. Influencer Marketing is here to stay and flourish.

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    Present day Scenario

    Consider this: Your company is in perfect alignment with top industry thought leaders. Not just aligned, you might even be looking at a few of them as your guiding light. You follow their blog, like their tweets, read their books and attend conferences they speak at. You lap-up everything that they endorse. Alas, they do not endorse your brand or worse, might not even know that you exist.

    To fix it, you decide to put your influencer marketing to some serious use.

    A few voice mails later, you speak to them, invite as a speaker at the conference that you’re hosting. The conference is a success. They move on and so do you. Soon you’re overwhelmed managing a handful of them. And before you know it, you’re losing them out to competition.

    How do you keep up the engagements with all of them?
    How do you create value for both you and the influencers?

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    You got me there, tell me more

    Your Influencer marketing strategy has three straightforward steps:

    • Identifying influencers
    • Connecting with influencers
    • Influencing your audience

    It’s the influencing your audience step where things get tricky. Hits and trials, sweet talks, and even monetary affiliations turn out to be a miss more often than not.

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    Fair enough, now tell me how?

    We have built Promoto to enable you to work with influencers in an organized and planned manner. Influencers, by the virtue of their influence, feel responsible and hence take time to warm up to any brand. It take some persistence to get them interested to invest in any brand relationship. Promoto enables you to define a concrete path to enable your brand for influencer marketing.

    Enabling your brand to stay engaged with each Industry influencer and key opinion leader(KOL) in a meaningful and value adding way.

    Influencer engagement campaigns are customized for every stage of this journey. We take into consideration both the depth and length of the relationship.

How do I do this

Monitor the progress

The influencer needs to trust your brand deeply before they endorse it. Their trust in you is far more important for you as then only you will get a convinced influencer who will take it upon him/herself to convince others about your brand. Our process keep you on track with how your relationship is being built over time.

Experience the journey of a thought leader or KOL convert into an influencer for your brand.

Meaningful Engagement

It’s not enough to just keep dropping in randomly. That approach can backfire. If you don’t have anything meaningful to share, please wait till you have it. You’re trying to prove your worth to the influencers. It’s a lot like wooing. Too less and you’re forgotten, too much and you’re clingy.

Create Influencers

Demonstrate your value to the influencers. Show them how you’re an awesome brand to be associated with. Tell them how you can be greatly useful to their followers.

If you manage to convince your influencer that you’re awesome, they would share it with everyone from the top of the roof.

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