Net Promoter Score (NPS) | How to Improve NPS Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS is the number you need to grow

Fred Reichheld, Creator of Net Promoter Score

NPS is hailed as the only industry standard to benchmark power of word-of-mouth. Is NPS the end goal? Or is it a means to much larger goal? What is that larger goal?

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    Present day Scenario

    Swear by NPS? Committed to reaching industry leading NPS score? Great!
    You have watertight processes to improve NPS. No detractor is acceptable. Your teams react to every low score. Nothing is allowed to fall through the cracks. So far so good.

    So what about customers with high NPS? Sure, they are willing to recommend. How are you enabling them to leverage their liking for the brand? Do you have processes to engage with them? Oops!

    NPS cannot be the end goal, it has to be a means to something that has a direct business impact. Something like more customers flocking to you.

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    Well, but what do I do with high NPS score?

    Act on a high NPS score?

    Absolutely. That’s the point. Absolutely. That’s the whole point. All your hard work of delivering a great customer experience is translating into a high NPS. It is time to take it to next level.

    Translate it into a real business impact.

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    Okay, so how to use the NPS score?

    At Promoto, we believe that we should focus on the right side of the NPS, quite literally. This is in addition to working with the detractors. Customers with higher NPS feedback and recommendations are clearly suggesting a strong inclination towards your brand. But most of them will require a nudge or two to translate that into a real recommendation.

    We recommend that we use NPS as a key indicator to rank customers. And then, brands need to actively ‘engage’ with customers in a meaningful and sustainable way.

How do I do this?

Predictive Analytics

NPS is just one of many inputs into a big equation. Promoto goes beyond NPS.  It processes data from many more sources. Promoto’s predictive model computes the likelihood of creating true brand evangelists. A computed number or even NPS still needs to be translate into real evangelism. This is precisely where engagement comes into picture.

Promoto ranks customers with high Promoter Score crossed with high Influencer Score. Ranks set you up for success from the following engagement activities.

Recommendation to Engage

Based on early signs Promoto recommends customers who need just a little push to convert into promoters. We guide you to engage with a prioritized set of customers. It will get your brand going on customer engagement right from day one. Your team will no more be lost on where to start with.

Your efforts will not be lost in translation.

Promoter Journey

Engagement comes in all forms. It is the bigger picture of a the brand philosophy that gives it a context. Promoter Journey is exactly what gives life to engagement activities. As you start to engage with the right set of customers, it transcends into relationships. This would lead to building the confidence in promoting your brand that customers need to evangelize.

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