Predictive Analytics | Big Data Machine learning | NLP to Advocate Marketing

Predictive Analytics

A smarter data-driven way to predict customer behaviour, retention, loyalty, referrals and growth. This is literally the analytics driven crystal ball to see the future trends so that you’re ready with your top game.

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    Present day Scenario

    Imagine you had psychic powers that told you who loved your brand and who did not.
    What all could you do with it?
    How will be this be different from the cookie cutter approach of engaging with everyone with the same message?

    Its likely that your next conference invites go to both those who love your brand and also to those who don’t believe in it. Well, we had no ways to fix that fundamental error. But now we have a new way of doing things.

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    Sounds exciting, tell me more

    Using Predictive Analytics to suggest likely promoters is an exciting thought. Imagine all that we could with this. Think about it, the amount of data we have on our customers is immense. CRMs, Helpdesks, Social interactions, Feedbacks, Surveys and what not. What if we crunched all of this using the power of data science, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, machine learning to predict who is showing signs of falling in love with your brand and who needs a little pep-talk? That would be both super cool and useful.

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    I’m all ears, how do we make that happen?

    Promoto uses three key sources of data:

    • Internal Systems such as CRMs, Helpdesks, Social interactions, Feedbacks, Surveys etc.
    • Social Systems, we mine the social data and get to the individual-level details of their interactions with your brand
    • Human Touch points data. We enrich the data based on frequent feedback from various human touch points.

    All of this data is then processed by a unique custom Predictive Model Algorithm.
    An uncomplicated Promoter Score and Influence Scores is calculated for every customer. Enabling you to rank customers and their prioritize relationships in ways that were never possible before.


What does Predictive modeling has to do with converting customers to promoters?

Well turns out that we are all, including your customers leave behind a giant digital footprint. Coupled with the progress in the field of data mining and processing, we can now apply data models to crunch large amounts of data and predict who is likely going to be your promoter. That is exactly what we are attempting to do here.

How Promoto helps to do this?

Path to Brand Advocates

Understanding and mapping promoters journey is the first step to developing promoters. Promoto helps you build a meaningful path for your customers as they start a relationship with your brand.


A journey which loaded with the value in every step of the way. And value leads to deeper and lasting relationships.

Measure Engagement

With the journey defined, promoto enables you to setup engaging activities, track participation and monitor feedback as customers navigate various stages on the path of becoming a promoter.

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