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Predictive Analytics

Thousands of customers. Where do you start?

Take the guess work out of identifying hidden Fans and Influencers with Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

How Predictive analytics works?

We analyse Purchase history, Communications history, past social Interactions and sentiments of those engagements and dozens of more data points to answer two simple questions:

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Who is a Fan of your brand?

Promoto uses the power of Predictive Analytics to identify the potential brand advocates. So that you don’t have to start from scratch, rather you build on top of existing brand value.

Promoter Score represents every customer love for your brand on a scale of 0-100.

Who has got the most influence?

Not just Promoters, we want ‘effective’ advocates. Predictive Analytics goes a step further to find out who has the farthest influence.

Influencer Score represents every customer influence a scale of 0-100.

Customer Ranking

Promoto automatically ranks customers based on the Predictive Model Scoring. This allows you to hand pick and engage with the top 50, 100, 500.. or your favorite number.

No more spray and pray.

Promoter Score

Promoter Score represents how likely is s/he is to become a Promoter for your brand.

Find and engage with fans upfront.

Influencer Score

Find hidden Influencers among customers.

Influencer Score represents ‘circle of influence’ for each of your customer.

 Sentiment Analysis

Analyze sentiment of every communication between the brand and the customer.

Promoto’s search for potential brand advocates goes way beyond numbers. So when you get a potential advocate recommendation, you can be sure of some awesome advocacy to follow suit.

 Personality Trait Analysis

Use the personality traits of each customer. (coming soon)

 Identify Advocate Upfront

Know potential advocates upfront using Predictive Analytics.

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