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Pricing plans are valid if you buy while we are in beta. Price will continue unchanged even beyond beta for early adopters who purchase during beta.

Free plan has a fair usage policy, it requires at least one active advocate every month for you to retain the free copy.




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Predictive Analytics
Customer Ranking Rank all your customers based on their likely hood of becoming the most effective and influencing advocates.  
Promoter Score A Predictive Score calculated for each customer who are likely to become customers.  
Influencer Score Know who among your customers has the most influence.
Identify Advocate Upfront Know potential advocates upfront using Predictive Analytics.  
Sentiment Analysis Analyze sentiment of every communication between the brand and the customer.
Personality Trait Analysis Use the personality traits of each customer. (coming soon)

Advocacy Portal

Leaderboard Leaderboard creates excitement for young Promoters to jump in and recognizes the participation.  
Referrals Get from right within the Advocacy Portal    
Rewards Add custom rewards with rule bases visibility, on who gets to see and claim rewards.  
Community Connect with user community (coming soon)    
Branding Brand the Advocacy portal with your Brand’s logo, messaging and background.    
Custom Login Page Customizable welcome page, with logo, background image and message.    
Advocacy Portal Invites Invite selected customers to the Advocacy Portal.      
Promoter Journey
Promoter Journey Enable the Promoter stages of the ‘golden path’ to Promoter stage for your customers.    
Custom Journey Stages Define custom journey stages.  
Scored Journey Stages Define the required engagement score for each stage of the journey.    
Stage Based Activities Define activities for each stage. Keep them relevant and valuable for your customers.      


Engagement Scoring Score every engagement.  
Form Create custom forms with custom fields to collect any data  
Call to Actions Create custom scored and trackable Call-to-Action (CTA). CTAs can point to internal pages, forms or to external URLs.  
Personalization Personalize messages and triggers by using all the imported data points, such as data from CRM.  
Landing Pages Create Custom branded Landing pages, add forms, CTAs.    
Customer Segmentation Use filters to segment customers and drive targeted and relevant engagement activities to advocates.  
Custom Form Fields Create custom field in forms.
Net Promoter Score Survey Run a complete NPS survey  
Event Invites Send invites for online or offline events.  
Social Activities Invite advocates to engage socially.  
Automation And Rules
Journey Stage Advancement Customer move though the promoter journey automatically based on the engagement scores.  
Time Based Activity Trigger Schedule activities for future  
Events based Activity Trigger Trigger activities based on competetion of an event, activity, CTA hit, a form filled or when a stage is reached.    
Dynamic Advocate Segmentation Set filters for targeting advocates one time, more advocates get added automatically as they meet the criteria.      
Rule Based Badge Assignment Auto assigns badges based on event triggers.      
Role Based Access Stay in control of your data with Role based access.  
Badges Create custom badges and automatically assign them to advocates based on pre set engagement rules.      
Points Advocates earn points as they engage and complete activities. Points can later be redeemed for rewards.    
Rewards Create custom rewards, complete with inventory, visibility and custom redeemable scores. Rewards can also have pre set custom messages that get communicated when advocates claim a rewards.  
Dashboard Advocates personal dashboard keeps them engaged and motivated, giving them full overview of their status.      
Wishlist Rewards Advocates add rewards to their personalized wishlist.    
Accept / Dismiss Activities Advocates can accept or dismiss an activity engagement.    
Point Based Activity Associate custom ‘points’ to activities    
Features Rewards Choose to ‘feature’ the best rewards right on dashboard of advocates.    
Social Profile Linking Promoto automatically discovers and matches the advocate emails to their social profiles.  
Social Data Mining Mine social interaction data between your brand and each customer or advocate.  
Social Influencer Identification Identify Social influencers hidden among your customers.  
Social Activity Connect, follow, message, share or like advocates across social channels.      
Social Engagement Drive Social engagement across connected social channels with your advocates.    
Social Messaging Send public or private messages to advocates across connected social channels  
Tweet Tweet directly to advocates    
Social Sharing Share content across connected social channels with your advocates      


Dashboard Get the big picture of how many customers are engaged and are at what stage of the journey.  
Activity Reporting What activities are driving engagements.    
CTA Reporting What CTAs are being called.  
Engagement Reporting Which advocate is engaged and which ones are not.    
NPS Report Company level real time Net Promoter Score    
Top Advocate Report Know you top engaged advocates  
Influence Report Understand the combined influence through your advocates.
Salesforce Being in Salesforce CRM complete purchase of both account, contacts, opportunity and products in one click.  
Twitter Link with Twitter for communicating, social data analysis and login into Advocacy portal via Twitter
Linkedin (Coming soon)      
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