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Promoto helps convert

Customers to

82% of satisfied customers are willing to become brand advocates.

Only 29% actually do.

Predictive Analytics identifies likely brand advocates upfront

By analyzing thousands of customers, Promoto is set out to answer two questions :

promoter score

Who is in love with your brand?

Promoto uses the power of Predictive Analytics to identify the potential brand advocates. So that you don’t have to start from scratch, rather you build on top of existing brand value.

influencer score

Who has got the most influence?

Not just advocates, we want ‘effective’ advocates. Predictive Analytics goes a step further to find out who has the deepest influence.

Engage with those who matter the most

Advocate marketing is not a moment
Its not a touch point

Its a Journey

Take your customers through a custom Promoter Journey

One step at a time

Deliver Value
Build Relationships

Relationships don’t come out of transactions.

Path to advocacy is built on continuously delivering value.

Engage –> Deliver value –> Build relationships –> Repeat

Brand Advocacy to Business Impact

Brand advocacy initiatives, despite best intentions, tends to slip into an ad hoc activity. We saw both the opportunity and understood the challenges.

Promoto is a small step in turning Brand Advocacy into a well managed, focused and much simpler, yet effective and fun process that delivers measurable business impact right on the revenue.

Built for Brand Visionary

Who are in it for long haul and understand that brand advocacy delivers results many time worth the effort.

Welcome aboard the Advocate Marketing bus.

As marketers we invite to you jump aboard the next generation marketing.

Customers are already talking about your brand to future prospects. Chatter the only getting bigger with the social, mobile and always connected world our customers live in.

Convert the chatter into a positive brand conversation, extending your reach and influence to your customer’s circle of influence.

Advocacy marketing is the best form of influencer marketing.

Upto 89% of satisfied customer are more than willing to be brand advocates. But even the willing nudge to act.

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  • Don't have a code? Use Code "TRIAL".