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Promoter Journey

Converting [Customers to Promoters] is not a moment. Its not a touch point.

Its a Journey.

Take customers through the golden path of becoming a Promoter.


Promoter Journey

Define Promoter stages for your customers.

Converting [Customers to Promoters] is not a swtich. 

Just like we have a pre sales journey from a visitors, to lead, to opportunity and an customer. Similarly it takes a well planned and well crafted journey to take customers to the Promoter stage.

Custom Journey Stages

Every brand is different.

Define custom journey stages that is a meaningful for your customers.

Scored Journey Stages

Data driven engagement and promotion to next stage in the journey.

Track and measure progress of customers though the journey using engagement scores. Every stage requires a minimum score before a customer can enter.

Stage Based Activities

Define activities for each stage. Keep them relevant and valuable for your customers.

Stop sending that training invite to your years old customer, nor should you invite the vocal anti brand customer to the next conference.

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