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The secret sauce of building bottom-lines. Referral as the best quality lead source was never a secret. Yet we have failed to tap into it’s full potential. It’s one of the most taken-for-granted marketing methods.That ends now.

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    Present day Scenario

    Your brand is delivering the best quality products and services. You’ve been consistently clocking in superb Net Promoter Score. You’ve been giving your competition a run for money by winning new business.

    All of this suggests that you’ve struck a chord with your customers. You’ve something good going that deserves word-of-mouth and referrals. Despite this, all have to show is great metrics and no referrals to support it.

    Are you wondering what is that missing last step?

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    That rings a bell. So what am I missing?

    In a social, mobile, ever shrinking, always connected world, it’s getting easier and easier for customers to recommend or ruin any brand. The market has never been so beautiful (or ruthless). True power has never before rested in the hands of the customer like this.

    While recommending has become just an act of clicking for the customer, getting them to recommend your brand has become very difficult.

    What it takes to get customers to recommend you? That’s the effort you need to make.

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    Woah, how will I get them to recommend me?

    Promoto enables you to build relationships in a structured fashion. Our processes are built to drive customer confidence for your brand.

    Promoter Journey is laid out keeping the relationship at the center, and not through some outdated pushy sales tactics. We nurture every customer to make recommendations when ready. Invest in making them believe in your brand. It’s this belief that would drive them to put reputation behind your brand, not begging for referrals, fifteen times a quarter.

    Promoto measures the confidence of every customer in a brand. NPS is one of many indicators. From there, it is about being in sight, top of mind recall and making it easy to refer.


What is wrong with NPS?

NPS is from the age when big data processing was not evolved to the levels of today. While there is nothing wrong with NPS, but it is just one of the many inputs. Whereas, Promoto sort of predicts NPS. Based on real user behaviour and data points.

Promoter Score translates to the numerical measure of customer recommendation likelihood for your brand.

How do I do this?

Measurable confidence

Promoto looks for signs in customers’ social digital footprints, feedbacks, surveys, NPS included and many other sources to compute a simplified Promoter score. Simply put, Promoter Score is a numerical representation of customers’ love for your brand.

Customer Engagement Portal

Promoto brings a unique concept of Customer Engagement Portal – a private space for customer to interact with your brand. All communication, invitations, events and even request find a common home at this portal. Promoto also brings in referrals and rewards within the same space.

Get those referrals

Now, the final piece of the puzzle. Referrals are connected with customers’ social network. Promoto reduces the effort of searching and sharing for the customer. The easier it is for a customer to recommend you, the more chances of you getting that recommendation. And you would receive detailed information every time a referral comes in.

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