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Who is a Promoter?

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    The Enthusiast

    You know the brand enthusiast, don’t you? That excited guy who loves your brand and is so passionate about using it. The guy who would sing songs for you if prodded. Who would rip apart anyone who is showing off anything that is not your brand. Your “fan”.

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    The Influencer

    Then you have seen the rise of influencer. He is the ‘connected one’. The guy with the reach and a robust circle of influence. The social butterfly. He knows them all, including all your potential future customer. This guy gets on the task to activate the huge network who cares to listen to him. He might not love your brand…just yet.

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    The Engaged

    And finally you have an engaged customer. You stay in touch with this guy and he reciprocates the love. In fact, he loves you for being an engaging brand. He sort of keeps coming back to you. You’re slowly becoming a part of his life. And he, yours.


When you hit that sweet spot and get a customer who is all of these rolled into one, you’ve got your “Promoter”. The promoter is a perfect blend of brand enthusiast, influencer and is engaged with the brand. He has experienced your brand, loved the experience, likes to talk about how good the experience was, to both you and people in his network. Promoter responds to customer surveys that too mostly with great feedback and recommends your brand at every opportunity. A promoter is the ideal customer for any business.

A promoter is


A promoter is your cream brand evangelist who checks all the right boxes in customer satisfaction surveys. S/he always lands in a perfect ten on NPS surveys. A promoter swears by your brand and single-handedly brings up the customer life-time value several notches up. The promoter spreads the buzz, takes reference calls, leads communities, participates in conferences and events, expresses and most importantly influences opinions of his/her network.

A promoter is what you want and need to grow your business exponentially


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    People trust friends

    92% of people trust friends and family more than any other form of promotion.

    Sure, you have got the maverick marketing team and an ethical sales team. But, the fact remains that they have a biased point of view. This simple fact makes prospects trust their friends, family and peers when they are seeking recommendations. Especially, if they are recommending (or un-recommending) a Product or a Service that they have experienced firsthand. A piece of authentic advice from a trusted friend carries the deepest influence on decisions taken by your prospects.

Corporate Executive Board study of more than 1,400 B2B customers found that such customers completed, on an average, nearly 60% of a typical purchasing decision.

These include researching solutions, ranking options, setting requirements, benchmarking pricing, and so on


of a typical purchasing decision was taken before even striking a conversation with a supplier

Promoters dine with your future prospects all the time. They are part of common clubs and hangout joints. They share their lives with each other. They naturally both address and trigger the needs fulfilled by your product, when they passionately talk about the benefits they presently enjoy themselves.

of consumers reported always or sometime taking action based on personal recommedations.
said they did the same of online consumer optionssaid they did the same of online consumer options
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    Marketing as we know it, is dead:

    • Your customer has changed forever. You’re probably trying to sell your product to a millennial who divides his or her time between various screens. TV screen might not even be part of this.
    • More and more dollars are being drained per eye ball during such times when Attention Deficit is at its peak in history of human cognizance. How will you make your brand stand out against such odds?
    • The writing is on the wall! In today’s social media-infused environment, traditional marketing and sales approach has not only stopped working, it doesn’t make sense anymore, on its own.
    • Customers are feasting upon the choice of social information sources and are completely ignoring the traditional mainstream media bombardment.
    • Your potential customer is part of some twenty odd WhatsApp groups, watches more web-series than TV soaps, can compare any product to the competition before buying it, can order and get anything online or on app and get it delivered from any part of the world.

People exchange
60 billion messages
on WhatsApp every day.

Sounds familiar?

Conventional marketing approaches are not going to hit a chord with this customer.

Given the social technology infiltration in the society, it is becoming more and more effortless to get access to the advice whenever needed.

Customer is the King, because they control whom to allow in their lives.


According to a recent Reuters study, 47% of internet users in the U.S. already use ad blocking technology, and the percentage is even higher among younger users.

The good news is that you have a ready alternative path through current customers who have been happy campers for many years. They have enjoyed the value delivered by your brand. They love you.. And would be happy to advocate for your brand and spread the buzz.

Up to 83% of current satisfied customers have a high probability of becoming a promoter. But only about 29% are actually do.

We’re living in a connected world like never before. People are seeking and sharing recommendations and experiences for everything under the sun. The influencers are increasingly influencing choices and decisions.

Unless you figure out a new way to approach this, in-control and connected customer generation, you stand to lose not just one customer but an entire network of potential customers. Advocacy Marketing is an obvious choice, especially if you happen to enjoy good will among your customer base.
You need to create not just an army of customers but convert them into an army of promoters to win and keep winning.

Why Now?

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    Recommendation: secret sauce of success...or failure

    In this digitally connected world, power rests on the fingertips of the users. With one swipe on left or right, people are able to show their love or hate. The customer today is empowered beyond imagination, thanks to technology. To top it off, they’re loving this power and leave no chance to use it to build or break brands. You can’t ignore their experience and the expression of it.


A recent joint study by Ogilvy, Google and TNS stated that 74% of customers recognised Word of Mouth as the key moment-of-influence leading to their Purchase

Now imagine the immense possibility of turning this powerful customer into an evangelist for your brand. No advert can even compare to the impact of having a truly delighted customer recommending you to their network..

Think about the compounded impact when you can build an army of such promoters for your brand. That alone is a reason enough to start turning your customers into promoters, like right now.

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    Rise of the subscription economy

    Revenue is no longer the game of acquiring more and more customers. It has moved from customer acquisition to customer retention. The focus is shifting from reducing customer acquisition costs to increasing customer LTV.


Studies show that on an average it takes about 13 months to make any profits from a new customer.

Customer retention has become far more important a measure of  tracking solid growth rather than blindly chasing and adding more and more customers. Retained customers are more likely to add more customers from their network. They are waiting to become your promoters. It’s a gold mine of growth waiting to be tapped.


MGI Research report suggests that the subscription economy could push past the $100 billion mark by 2020.

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